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During a "meet and greet" you can interact with the doctor for a duration of 5 to 10 minutes over the phone or in person at our clinic.

Why "meet and greet" ?

"Meet and greet" allows a new patient to interact with the doctor to get the feel about the doctor and the type of treatment or care that can be expected without having the need to book an "office visit" appointment.

What to expect at "meet and greet"?

You can query the doctor on the subject and the care philosophy, treatment methodology and anything else you want to, however, this is not an office visit and the doctor will not address your ongoing concern. You may talk to the doctor about your ongoing health problems, the doctor may make some suggestions but will not treat you or provide care during a "meet and greet"

Can we do "meet and greet" more than once?

Unfortunately, NO. We only offer a single "meet and greet". 

Is there a 'charge' or a 'fee' for "meet and greet"?

Absolutely NO. "meet and greet" is meant to help you make an informed decision on selecting your PCP (Primary Care Physician). At this point you are not our patient and there is absolutely no charge.

How to sign up for a "meet and greet" ?

Call our office at (713) 436-4566 during regular business hours and request for a "meet and greet" appointment. Our staff will allocate a time slot for you. Most often our doctor will be able to do "meet and greet" after 5.00 PM on stipulated days so that it does not interfere with our regular patient appointments. If you do not show up for a "meet and greet" appointment, we will not schedule another "meet and greet" appointment for you. If you decide to postpone a "meet and greet"  appointment, you can call us, we allow only one postpone per person.

Do I really need to do a  "meet and greet"?

The choice is yours. We provide a lot of information about our doctor and our care philosophy on our website. Most people also come to us through referrals. There are a lot of websites on the internet where you can find reviews. However, we cannot verify the authenticity of such reviews. "meet and greet" is just an additional option for people who want to decide on signing up with our doctor as their PCP (Primary Care Physician).

Internal Medicine