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Annual Physical Exams

We offer Annual Physical Exams as well as Medicare Annual Wellness Visits. Most major insurances pay in full for a Annual Physical exam once a year. Insurances may also cover basic labs along with the Physical Exam, however whether they cover all labs or some labs, depends on the insurance and the plan. 

We also offer low cost Annual Physical Exams for direct self pay patients. These include low cost inhouse labs. 

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Physical exams are an important part of preventive care. Many serious illnesses will show outward signs before the patient feels any symptoms. For example, heart disease may be symptomless for years, but regularly elevated blood pressure numbers can be a clue that there is underlying heart disease like atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Having regular physical exams helps us to get to know you, which makes it easier to identify changes early before they lead to life-threatening conditions.

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An annual physical exam is an important part of doctor visits. A physical exam is a good way for a doctor to evaluate their patient’s general health. A physical exam includes examining patient's overall health, routine screenings, age related screenings, listening to patient's health concerns, performing laboratory tests, ordering screenings and evaluating test results

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