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​​​Internal Medicine 

Direct patient pay without involving insurance companies. It eliminates all costs that involves third party and the overheads associated with it. 

With direct patient pay (Self Pay) 

- Affordable pricing is set as we don't have to deal with third party payment arrangement 

-  one does not need to deal with copays, deductibles

-  no prior authorizations 

-  no coverage issues

-   no  referral authorizations needed from third party insurance company

-  No need to deal with in network vs out of network

-  Hassle free appointment availability and flexibility (Usually insurance patients often find themselves not finding appointment when they need the most due to the need for verification and benefit details) 

-  solve the problem of Lack of appointment availability because of insurance verification can actually force people to seek care from a ER or an urgent care where the patient actually ends up paying out of network costs or huge deductible costs in cases where a PCP visit would have sufficed  

- Helps build a relationship of trust and care between patient and provider through elimination of third party control in every step of the process

- Care is obtained when needed the most

​- There are several more advantages with direct patient pay primary care. 

Our direct patient pay for service is designed to give you the best care and also keep the costs low and affordable. 

We offer a wide range of services for direct cash pay patients 

- Consultation and continuity of care
     - Inside the office
​     - telemedicine

- Inhouse Labs (competitive pricing)
     - Regular Labs
     - Titers 
     - Screening Labs

- Vaccinations 
     - We carry Influenza (Flu Shot), Covid Vaccines, TDAP, Pneumonia, Shingrix (Shingles), Hepatitis B (Only Adult Catch up vaccination), MMR Vaccine (Only Adult Catch up Vaccine), Varicella (Only Adult Catch Up Vaccine)

- Therapeutic injections
      - Low cost Vitamin b12 shots, Solumedrol, decadron, ketorolac, diphenhydramine, rocephine and more 

- Testing 
    - We offer direct low cost Covid-19 RT PCR testing inhouse with a turnaround time of 2 hours
   - other testing include flu, strep, urine and more 

- Procedures like ekg, Diabetic retinopathy and more

- Ear lavage, suture removal, staple removal and more minor procedures, warts and skin tag removal 

In addition we offer severl more inhouse services for affordable costs

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Internal Medicine