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Video 7: Updating My Medicine

This video shows you how to update your medicine file, as well as how to set up daily reminders. 

Video 6: Linking Accounts

                  This video shows you how to link multiple Healow accounts to your account, for example if you’re a parent you can get access to your child’s records

What is “Healow?”

  • Through Healow you can view Billing Statements, Demographic Updates, Health Reminders, and Messages.
  • You can make a payment, fill out patient pre-registration information, set up email notifications for your prescription refills, and make changes to your appointment.
  • View videos below for step-by-step instructions on how to set up Healow on your phone or go to the “Patients” tab and select “Book an Appointment on Healow” to make an appointment using our website.

Patient Portal 

The Patient Portal is a website that helps you set up and personalize your Healow account online, verses on your mobile device. To access the portal go to the “Patient” tab and select “Online Patient Portal

Video 5: Changing PIN

This video demonstrates how to login to Patient Portal to change your PIN

Video Guide

Video 1: Overview of Healow & Patient Portal

This video explores all the advantages of using Healow, as well as how to get started in the mobile app

Video 3: Appointment Reminders

This video explains how to set up reminders prior to your appointment

Online Access Guide

Internal Medicine Associates of Houston is a private practice, specializing in primary care. Dr. Batchu is a primary care physician with several years of experience under her belt. 

This is page helps you navigate through our website, our patient portal and our appointment booking site powered by HEALOW.Our website is designed to help answer any questions patients might have for us, feel free to explore and send us any questions unanswered on our FAQ page.  

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If you want to  Pre-Register,you cam follow instructions on  New Patient Info page.

Go to the “Patients” tab and select “Forms” to download the appropriate forms to fill out. Bring the filled out forms with you to your appointment  If you are unsure of the specific document you need please call our office at 713-436-4566.

Video 4: Prescription Refills

This video explains how to request refills, add medications and make changes to your pharmacy

Video 2: Login to Healow

This video shows you each individual step to set up your personalized Healow account

Internal Medicine