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We are a USCIS designated clinics for i 693 immigration medical exams .  We offer competitive prices for the  lab tests and vaccinations that may be required.  

Adult Immigration Exam - $295

Child Immigration Exam - $220

The above pricing includes the basic tests, consultation with the doctor and filling and signing of the i 693 immigration medical exam. 

We are stocked up with required vaccines if needed. Vaccines are extra cost but offered at nominal pricing. We are also able to perform antibody titers if needed. 


- Proof of ID (valid US ID or valid passport)
- Insurance card (if you have current insurance)
- Proof of vaccination (or) immunization record
- Please fill first 3 pages of your I-693 form. Link to the online form click the button below
(It is preferred you type the information to look more legitimate. )

- Fill out our clinic's i-693 questionnaire and submit it online via our secure Hipaa compliant form. Click on the button below to fill out our i - 693 immigration questionnaire
- If you are 14 years old or younger, please bring a valid ID.
- If below 18 years of age – you will need a letter from pediatrician that they are up to date with vaccines for their age along with immunization record.

Pricing Information:
Above 15 years -
Doctor consultation, follow up appointment and paperwork, basic blood and urine tests - $295
Vaccinations and any other blood tests will be decided by the doctor after reviewing your vaccine record and prices will be discussed with you in detail.

Below 15 years -
Doctor consultation, follow up appointment and paperwork, basic blood and urine tests - $210 
Legible vaccine records are needed from the pediatrician and will be discussed with you in detail.

Please allow at least 60-90 minutes for the appointment.  (Paperwork, doctor's consultation and blood draw.)

i 693 Immigration Medical Exams

​​​Internal Medicine 

After you make an appointment read below and prepare yourself for the appointment

Once appointment is confirmed follow I - 693 Checklist below for your first appointment 

Call :  (713) 436-4566 for appointment


Internal Medicine